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Shear heaven awaits you!

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Alpacas provide serenity and peace.

We can help you fulfill your dreams!!

Do you dream of having livestock but never raised animals before?

We mentor new alpaca farmers that buy animals from us! PLUS, you don't need a huge amount of acreage!

Alpacas are easy care livestock. They are very sustainable providing fiber to create so many things. The fiber can be made into yarn, socks, scarves, and much more!

AND, right now we are bundling alpacas in groups of three for $3,500!! The possibilities are endless and one of the females even has a cria at side. Quite a few of these animals have been shown. They all have wonderful fleece!

Call or text us to schedule a visit to the farm to meet the animals in this starter package sale!

For Sale Are
Ayita with cria (Remington) at side
Endeavor's Raven
Jackie Joyner


Thanks for visiting our web page and Welcome!

Our alpaca adventure began in 2014 and we have continued to build a herd with genetics that are producing award-winning alpacas.

Feel free to call, send an email, or text to come out to the farm. We carry an open farm policy that, put simply, means we welcome all visitors.

If you are considering having alpacas on your farm, we are happy to help guide you. Alpacas are herd animals and you must have at least two, with three being preferable, to avoid a dominant/submissive situation and create more of a herd. It is best practice to pasture males and females separately to avoid accidental breedings.

We have animals for sale and we are willing to help guide you to animals for your desired outcome; whether it be farm friends, fiber animals, or breeding and showing alpacas. We also encourage you to visit as many alpaca farms as possible. There are many alpaca farms in the area and by visiting other farms, you can see the differences in how each farm operates and in the animals.

We are happy to share our knowledge and mentor you in your journey if animals are purchased from our herd. We are also willing to answer questions you may have while considering becoming an alpaca rancher. Spend time with us and see the love and care we put into raising our animals.

We have changed, and continue to change, our farm so the alpacas have the very best life. Our priority is our animals and it shows!

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